The Everlasting Theory and Special Number Theory
Sylwester Kornowski

Key words: two spacetimes and seven parameters; tachyons; phase transitions of spacetime; atom-like structure of baryons (Titius-Bode law for strong interactions); new Quantum Chromodynamics (eight gluons and six basic sham quarks; binary systems of neutrinos as carriers of gluons and photons); structure of (bare) particles and new theory of interactions; electron-positron and nucleon-nucleon collisions; magic numbers 10 and 26 and fermion-boson symmetry; liquid-like plasma; four-neutrino symmetry; new cosmology (new Big Bang theory); four-shell model of atomic nucleus; mathematical constants and theoretical values of physical constants; theory of chaos (fractal field; structure of proton leads to Feigenbaum scaling; concentric loops lead to Mandelbrot set; elimination of renormalization); photonic DNA.

The Everlasting Theory
and Special Number Theory